Farewell Edinburgh you sexy sexy beast

Posted on August 27, 2011


…. as the Sunglasses of Optimism are replaced by the Umbrella of Fortitude… and the Damp Flyers of Determination hit the Pavement of Ignorance… Ed Fringe draws to a close.

As you’ll have noticed from my previous post regarding Top 10 moments – there were alot of highs.  I could have written a top 50 without any trouble.. but it would definitely have bored you.

I haven’t said much about the downs.  Its a short list but probably one which will resonate with most – here goes: the weather, the lack of leisure time, the fatigue (and with that the occasional rattiness with each other), but by far and away the biggest down side is LEAVING.

I’ve heard doing Edinburgh is addictive and its true – but like most addictions it leaves you very unhealthy.  It didn’t help that our Ed Fringe was more of a sprint than a long distance approach – and by the end of our run we were physically wrecked.  So whilst we wanted to stay, we were pleased to get home.  Until the next day.

It’s definitely quite a difficult beast to leave (particularly I suspect) whilst the whole things still going on.  However having left 2 weeks ago we are finally rehabilitating and Doug is already well into devising next year’s show and sorting out many imminent projects.

So here’s wishing a great final weekend to all our fine festival friends, and Douglas and I are here to offer ed fringe rehab support if required. xxx