My top 10 Ed Fringe moments.

Posted on August 14, 2011


As we drive home these are the things which I think I’ll remember most:

1. Drinking with @blearyboy and his lady in the caves. Bernard says to Doug: ‘you and I will have to have words’. Doug replies ‘why?what have I done? Bernard says ‘WELL, Far too well.’

2. Watching Neil Gaiman searching through the rubbish on the floor back stage in a shitty pub to find Doug’s missing props. (v surreal)

3. Watching @casualviolence do Choose Death. Particularly the scene with Papa, Son and their stuffed relatives. If those guys don’t get an award there’s no justice.

4. Having brunch with Roisi and Doog on my birthday and finding we were number 1 on EdTwinge out of 2500 shows.

5. Bumping into friends in the street like @jameshamilton and giving mutual support and encouragement – particularly when everyone’s sooo bloody knackered.

6. A nice cuppa chez Proven senior (Roisi’s grandparents). The only sanity we got in 10 days.

7. Looking out the window of the three sisters on the last night before we let people in and seeing 200 people hoping to get into a 50 seater room to see doug’s last show.

8. After show drinks with lovely lovely friends and reviewers who came, saw, liked and wrote/tweeted/introduced us to new lovely people.

9. Being told by the lady doing the show in the next room that people we


re walking into her show so they could sneak round the wall partition and by-pass the queue for ours. (I feel guilty about this one).

10. Haggis flavoured crisps.

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