Woohoo! 40% Sold across the run ….with 2 weeks before we start.

Posted on July 26, 2011


When we first started this malarky everyone said that doing EdFringe was incredibly hard work and that getting the audiences in and flyering up and down the Royal Mile was the bit that really took it out of you.  So Doug and I resolved that we should build on what we’d learned at Brighton Fringe and do as much as possible to get guaranteed audiences before we went so we could do a bit of flyering but focus most of our energy on the performances.


As you’ll have read we’ve had no life for weeks.. every single moment has been spent on social media, talking to reviewers, promoters, agents etc. But the end of last week we managed to sell out one night of the run.

The last night (13th Aug) is now FULLY BOOKED!

Yes there’s still capacity for other nights – We are 40% sold across the run. but  considering the average audience for Ed Fringe shows last year was 4.6 (YES 4.6!!!). We seem to be doing okay…

…. provided everyone actually turns up.